Common Workplace Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Whether you are new to the workplace or a seasoned employee, everyone will encounter workplace challenges.

What is the definition of a challenge in the workplace?

A challenge is an obstacle that must be overcome to achieve a goal. When you apply the definition of a challenge to the workplace, it is a problem that is stopping you from achieving workplace or career success.

Everyone will face challenges in the workplace. Each workplace is made up of different management styles, personality types and personal goals, sometimes leading to workplace conflict or challenges.

Common management challenges

Here are some of the most common challenges managers face:

  • Decreased performance levels – One-on-one meetings provide a great opportunity for managers to re-establish expectations relating to work
    productivity. Create an action plan collaboratively with the employee so it feels like a solution rather than a punishment. Ensure the action plan has measurable goals and timeframes to mark the employee’s efforts to perform better
  • Being understaffed – Managers must recognise when it’s time to recruit another team member to help fulfil responsibilities within their department.
  • Poor teamwork – Employees may lose focus on collaboration when they spend a lot of time completing individual tasks. Team-building exercises are a great way to help everyone learn how to work better together
  • Time management – Prioritise your work and schedule time throughout the day to do specific tasks. Let your team know the times you will be available to them and the times you plan to focus on your work
  • Weak workplace culture – When teams feel like they are not connected with the rest of the workplace, they could experience a decrease in motivation. Teams that feel they are part of a larger group experience more confidence and trust.  Schedule fun team-building events to encourage an ongoing positive workplace atmosphere.
  • Lack of communication – A lack of effective communication can hinder a team’s efficiency as well as trust among co-workers and management. Regular communication between managers and staff helps to foster an open environment at work
  • Opinions not being heard/valued – When employees feel heard and listened to, they feel important and respected. Active listening is a crucial management skill
  • Difficult people – Before looking at how to confront a difficult person it is important to remember that we are all capable of being difficult, therefore take a look at the person and the possible reasons for their behaviour first.

No one is perfect

Everyone has good and bad days, and no one is perfect. The workplace challenges mentioned above are just some of the many.

Effective communication

Good communication is a core management function and a key characteristic of a good leader. Effective communication practices and effective strong management are closely intertwined. Please see our blog on ‘Communication Practices for Great Leadership’ for further information.

Ready to tackle those workplace challenges?

If you have any questions about workplace challenges and how to overcome them, feel free to get in touch with us today. We have experience supporting staff through all kinds of workplace challenges, so we can use our expertise to help you get back on track. Are you looking for more tips to manage conflict and encourage positivity? Read another article about this today.