Conflict Management Training

Start date: Arranged on a date convenient for you

Who is the course for: Suitable for individuals looking to learn how to deal with conflict in the workplace.

Duration: One Day Course

Successful conflict management is the process of turning a difficult or challenging situation into a positive outcome for all parties.

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Course overview

The Aim of The Conflict Management Training Course

This conflict management training course is designed to train individuals on how to prevent and handle conflicts that occur in the workplace. It familiarises individuals with common causes and signs of conflict. It also explains how the law relates to conflict management and how to carry out a conflict risk assessment. We also train individuals on ways to prevent conflicts and methods for handling confrontations together with ongoing cases of conflict, including types of alternative conflict resolution.

What content will be covered?

We tailor all our courses to reflect the needs of the organisation together with the individual needs of each delegate. We use a blend of theory and exercises designed to develop delegates’ Conflict Management skills. Real-life work events can be built into the training to support the learning process. This also helps to generate ideas and solutions that can be carried out in the workplace.

Conflict Management Training Course Support Material

On the day, a colour printed workbook with techniques, tips and space for notes will be available to all delegates for their personal use.

Learning Outcomes

Here are a number of learning outcomes from the training course:

  • Know how to face up to the conflict
  • Understand the 7 Step Procedure for dealing with conflict
  • Know the difference between assertive, aggressive and passive behaviour
  • Recognise which conflict technique to use in different situations
  • Develop plans of action for dealing with difficult people and challenging situations
  • Identify ways to defuse situations where people are being difficult
  • Recognise techniques to manage and deal with anger
  • Be able to deal with negative behaviour
  • Gain improved communication skills

Conflict Management Training Course Preparation

This course will provide you with the skills and knowledge on how to prevent and handle conflicts which occur in the workplace. Whilst waiting to attend your course, please read our Case Study ‘Learn how to Improve Conflict Management Skills to Prevent and Diffuse Violence‘, to see how we supported in this area.  In summary, conflict comes in many different forms and no two cases will ever be the same. For this reason, gaining as much experience as you can in conflict management will be of benefit to your development, learning and overall growth.


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Module content

  • Perception and understanding of conflict
  • How to handle conflict between different groups of people
  • The Six Phases of Negotiation
  • Communication
  • Developing relationships
  • Types of difficult people

Graeme directs and manages the course very well and encourages participants to get involved in the exercises.

Tony, CAE

Graeme delivers the courses incredibly well and I always feel comfortable contributing in these and that I am learning at the same time.

Chris, CAE

I really enjoy training sessions with Graeme. I like his communication style, Graeme has an enviable way of keeping you all engaged!

Zenia, CAE