Recruitment Training

Start date: Arranged on a date convenient for you

Who is the course for: Aspiring, New and Existing Managers

Duration: One day course

An inspirational one day Course which blends the skills required to recruit the right calibre of staff with the needs to act within the law and thus protect your business.

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Course overview

This recruitment training course will teach the skills needed to recruit the right calibre of staff. The need to get this right the first time is proving more and more critical. The wrong recruit not only holds back business growth but it can also prove very costly.

The aim of the recruitment training course

This recruitment training course will cover the core aspects of recruitment. It will help delegates incorporate best industry practices into their process. There is a lot to consider when recruiting a new member of staff. Having a strong understanding of long-term goals will contribute heavily to success.

Recruitment is without a doubt one of the most essential operations to get right. Good placement can be hugely beneficial to your business as a suitable candidate will be able to slot right into your team and get started. On the other hand, an unsuitable match can be a lengthy and expensive mistake to correct.

The content we will cover

During this course, we’ll take information from the Recruitment and the Equality Act 2010 and use these regulations to guide our training. Abiding by the relevant legislation will help to ensure diversity and inclusion in the workplace. This has actually been proven to contribute to productivity and efficiency.

We will cover essential topics, such as personality types and qualities of both individuals and the wider team. In the situation that a less than optimal recruitment has been made, it’s also important to provide the correct support to the individual. This could mean helping them to either adapt to their role or give them the confidence they need for their next one.

The course support materials

On the day, a colour printed workbook with techniques, tips and space for notes will be available to all delegates for their personal use. This course is highly dependant on the delegates’ workplace and their specific needs. We encourage all delegates to ask questions that will help you to take as much as possible from the session.

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Module content

  • Introduction to recruitment
  • Seeing through the CV
  • Recruitment and the Equality Act 2010
  • Types of selection interviewing
  • Overview of whole interviewing process
  • Dos and don'ts for successful selection interviewing
  • Effective interviewing
  • Biases in interviewing
  • What Can't I ask a candidate at interview?
  • Choosing the right applicant
  • Succession planning

'Very thorough, easy to understand. Well broken down.'

Ruth, Spanset

'Very accommodating - allowing questions and tailoring course to candidates needs.'

Jane - Tingdene

'Excellent training.'

Charlotte - Tingdene