Team Building Training

Start date: Arranged on a date convenient for you

Who is the course for: All staff who work in departments

Duration: One day course

The sum of the parts is always greater than the sum of the individuals. How do you build a team ethos in your business without expensive corporate events?

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Course overview

This course looks at ways of blending different personalities with different skills into an effective collaborative unit. It highlights the importance and value of different departments and how they overall benefit the overall business and customers.

The aim of the team-building training course

The aim of this training course is to encourage your employees to come together and work effectively as a team. As we know, a strong team can overcome solutions and solve problems that individuals can’t. This will benefit any organisation and will help to drastically increase productivity and produce better results.

However, getting employees from different backgrounds with different skillsets to work well together isn’t always easy. How do you deal with people who have contrasting strengths and weaknesses? And what are the most important factors you should consider when pairing people to work together?

By the end of this course, all of these questions will be answered. We will break down what makes a successful team and how you can analyse your current working environment to make improvements. By learning the details and concepts behind teamwork, your business will benefit and enjoy an improved success rate.

The course content

We will cover key aspects of team building and the ideas and solutions you’ll need to consider to create a strong team working environment. In the modern workplace, having a diverse workplace where everyone can come together is essential to achieving better results.

This course will take a look at all of the aspects that contribute to building a strong team. By the end, you will feel more confident, not just in yourself but in those who are working around you. Respecting the value of your colleagues and feeling respected yourself will benefit the organisation as a whole.

The course support materials

On the day, a colour printed workbook with techniques, tips and space for notes will be available to all delegates for their personal use. Delegates will be encouraged to engage with the instructor as well as with each other to maximise their learning throughout the course.

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Module content

  • An analysis of how the staff currently work together
  • The importance of everybody having input
  • The benefits of working together
  • Ideas and solutions to build a team ethos in your business
  • An agreed strategy to build productive teamwork with clear benefits for your business

'Clear, concise, involved everyone.'

Adam, Ryley Wealth Management