Equality and Diversity Training

Start date: Arranged on a date convenient for you

Who is the course for: All staff

Duration: One day course

The subject and responsibilities of the Equality Act 2010 are often viewed as a minefield by staff. This Course highlights how to deal with our legal responsibilities and the benefits of treating other staff and customers alike, with respect.

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Course overview

Equality and Diversity Training Course Aim

This equality and diversity training course explores the development of the Equality Act 2010 and the clear value to businesses and their staff adopting a positive approach to this subject. The course also provides clear guidance on the requirements to stay ‘onside’ within the legal framework. This applies to both our day to day working lives and where appropriate when recruiting.

Most of the provisions of the Equality Act came into force in October 2010. Further provisions came into force in April 2011. The act replaced previous anti-discrimination laws with a single act to make the law simpler and to remove inconsistencies.

The design of the Equality and Diversity Training Course is to equip staff in order that they can conduct their professional responsibilities with the appropriate skill, knowledge and confidence.

Equality and Diversity Training Course Content

We tailor all our courses to reflect the needs of the organisation together with the individual needs of each delegate. We use a combination of theory and exercises designed to develop delegates’ knowledge and understanding. Real-life work scenarios can be built into the training to support the learning and help to generate ideas and solutions that can be implemented in the workplace.

Your support material

On the day, a colour printed workbook with techniques, tips and space for notes will be available to all delegates for their personal use.

What are the learning outcomes?

Here are a number of learning outcomes from the Equality and Diversity Training Course that highlight the importance of having a fair, inclusive and diverse workplace:

  • Understand the value that the Equality Act 2010 brings to the workplace
  • Recognise how individuals from different backgrounds, experiences and identities bring a diversity of thoughts, ideas and alternative ways of working to an organisation
  • Know why, when and how to develop effective communication skills
  • Be able to communicate appropriately across different cultures
  • Understand how to support and manage staff with the acceptable use of language
  • Know what is appropriate behaviour
  • Identify protected characteristics
  • Recognise how different behaviours drive a range of cultures
  • Identify unconscious bias
  • Create and develop strategies for building and maintaining diverse relationships, blending skills and attributes in order to enhance performance

A summary of the course

The case for having fair and inclusive workplaces is indisputable. Individuals matter and organisations must ensure their people management approaches and the working environment do not put any group at a disadvantage. Workplace equality is a culture that encompasses policies, communication, and systems. Building a culture based on equality and inclusion is an intentional act.

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Module content

  • Why Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Matter
  • The development of the Equality Act 2010 and its value today
  • The Equality Act 2010 including The Protected Characteristics, Discrimination and Harassment
  • The value that the Equality Act 2010 brings to the workplace
  • Communication Skills, including Intercultural
  • Language and Behaviour

'Great tutor, very informative'

Jo, Spanset

'Graeme made the Course fun, very interesting and I felt I learnt a lot. The quizzes were a great way of learning.'

Chris, Camelia Botnar

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Lizzy, Tingdene