Social Media Training

Start date: Arranged on a date convenient for you

Who is the course for: Individuals who want to establish or improve their marketing presence on social media.

Duration: One Day Course

The marketing sector across the world is growing and is hugely competitive. With more businesses from all walks of life springing up, social media can help brands stand out from the crowd.

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Course overview

Businesses of all sizes utilise social media every day to increase their brand awareness and sales. But it’s not as simple as it looks.  Using social media effectively takes a good amount of planning, dedication, and knowledge of what actually works.

What we cover on the social media training course

This one day course provides practical advice that will help boost social media marketing results. Starting from the beginning, you will learn how to develop a strategy, set objectives and identify social influencers. These are the pillars of social media marketing and will help you across any platforms you like to use.

When it comes to social media, it’s important to use the right channels that align with your business. We’ll help you to discover the best social platforms for you that will return real results. Once you know where to post, you need to know what to post. Planning your social content is another essential stage of the process that we’ll cover in this course.

The course content

When it comes to social media, subtle changes and nuanced information can make the difference between a highly successful campaign and an underachieving one. Being aware of best practices and effective strategies can really separate your content from the competition.

In this course, we cover a range of insightful and educational content. From the fundamentals to situational specifics, we’ll teach you how to use social media to gain clicks, grow brand awareness and attract traffic.

What’s more is that we can customise aspects of the course to your specific business. Whether you want to learn how to deal with negative reviews left on social media or how to write engaging headlines, we’ll help you to overcome your challenges.

The support material

On the day, a colour printed workbook with techniques, tips and space for notes will be available to all delegates for their personal use.

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Module content

  • Gain an understanding of how people are influenced through different communication mediums
  • Learn about the different types of Social Media appropriate for your business
  • Learn how to write Social Media articles to attract custom
  • Understand what makes an effective headline
  • Learn how to write compelling and persuasive offers
  • Identify the different measures of readability
  • Learn how to be able to define an effective marketing campaign through the use of Social Media

Graeme has an extremely effective method of training which means that people feel encouraged to join in and he is very good to listen to with the way he delivers the training

Nicola, TUCO

Graeme and Rebecca were both very engaging and made the course very interesting.

Richard, TUCO

Very good and the work book is excellent. Very detailed.

Bill, TUCO