Commercial Awareness Training

Start date: Arranged on a date convenient for you

Who is the course for: Aspiring and Existing Supervisors and Managers

Duration: One day Course

Recognising the potential effect of continual change on the success of your business is crucial for its development and expansion. This Course develops those skills offering businesses the opportunity to proactively manage future changes and stay one step ahead of the competition.

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Course overview


What is the Commercial Awareness Training Course?

It is an interactive training course that provides the business knowledge required to be able to analyse business opportunities. We teach delegates to understand the link between their own business sector and the overall economy.

In addition, we also provide tips and techniques to continually improve and develop awareness skills for both the benefit of your business and your customers. Here at USP, we have experience in delivering the commercial awareness training to many businesses in different sectors. This means that we will be able to help you get the very most from your training.

What content will be covered?

Our courses are tailored to reflect the needs of the organisation together with the individual needs of each delegate. We use a mix of theory and exercises designed to develop delegates’ commercial awareness skills. Delegates will learn how to apply the course content to specific examples, helping them to expand their overall knowledge of the topic. With the support of our trainers, you will benefit from the highest standards of teaching to guide you through the training course.

Real-life work scenarios can be built into the training to support the learning and help generate ideas and solutions that can be used in the workplace.

Commercial Awareness Training Course Support Material

A bespoke workbook with tips and techniques will be provided to all delegates attending the course.

What are the Learning Outcomes?

Here are a number of learning outcomes from the Commercial Awareness Training Course:

  • Have excellent commercial awareness
  • Understand the difference between a sole trader, partnership and limited company
  • Recognise why ‘cash flow is king’
  • Know how to promote your business when networking
  • Identify the link between inflation, interest rates and exchange rates
  • Understand the Pareto Principle
  • Be able to carry out a SWOT analysis to consider the potential impact of commercial influencing factors

A summary of the Commercial Awareness Training Course

This course will provide you with the knowledge to understand the inner workings of both the organisation you work for and the industry you operate in. This awareness will improve your overall performance and understanding of the topic. Furthermore, it will enable you to recognise the different trends (both political and economic) that can impact your workplace.

Whilst waiting to attend your course, please read our training course page on ‘Advocacy Training‘ as the two are interlinked.


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Module content

  • What is Commercial Awareness
  • Understand the role and purpose of your business
  • Making sense of the financials
  • The economic links
  • Who holds the power and influence
  • Analysis of external factors that affect your business
  • Networking professionally

'Was not sure what to expect but the course was thought provoking and opened up a number of ideas/suggestions'

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'The thing I enjoy the most about Graeme's training sessions are that they are interactive. I really like getting involved as I agree that it does make you learn and take things in more.'

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